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FunFestijn Medemblik

FunFestijn is an indoor and outdoor playground with plenty to offer for both children and parents! The indoor playground of about 10,000 square feet has an exciting Pirates Treasure Island theme. Pirates and treasure lurk around every corner. For the big tough kids we have exciting playground equipment, and for the little ones we have a cool play area with a ball pit.

Steam tram Hoorn - Medemblik

The Exciting Journey Through Time by steam tram and boat connects the cities in the Historic Triangle - Hoorn, Medemblik, and Enkhuizen. Steam trams run between Hoorn and Medemblik; the boat travels between Medemblik, the Zuiderzee Museum, and Enklhuizen.

Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"

In the historic city center of Medemblik, you will find the bakery museum "The Old Bakery". With the scent of freshly baked cake, you can literally taste the atmosphere of the past. Bakers demonstrate all aspects of the craft, while children can practice old baker techniques any day and any time. A feast of memories for the parents, a feast of delights for the kids!

Steam Engine Museum

Area overview Steam engine Museum The Dutch Steam Engine Museum keeps alive the history of both the pumping station "Vier Noorder Koggen” as well as the development and significance of steam engines. The original pumps and a large number of beautiful engines, which almost all run on steam, paint a beautiful historical picture. Steam was and remains important in our daily lives.

Castle Radboud

Castle Radboud is the only remaining West Frisian fortress built by Floris the Fifth. The castle, dating from the 13th century, houses a modest collection of objects that illustrate the building's history.

De Bijenstal in Opperdoes

Go on a trip through the land of bees and trains, with silent boat rental and many options for arrangements. As much as 4000 meters of rails, 75 switches and several kilometers of cabling. In Opperdoes at De Bijenstal, you'll get to experience Europe by 'track'.


Would you like to go for a day out with the entire family? Visit Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen. Sprookjeswonderland is the ideal outing for families and (grand)parents with children!

South Sea Museum

See, hear, feel, taste and smell daily life around the South Sea, before the Afsluitdijk (Closure Dike) turned the South Sea into Lake IJssel.

The South Sea Museum focuses on the area's history, current events and its future. The themes of water, crafts and communities are at its center.

The outdoor museum with its historic buildings and the indoor museum with its themed exhibits will visualize the story.

Flour mill De Herder

De Herder is an octagonal, thatched stage mill located in Medemblik. It's a smock mill equipped with two connected millstones. Up until 1047 the same location housed an earlier mill, which was demolished because it hadn't been functional in a long time and was not needed any more. For this reason, the materials could not be used any longer when reconstruction took place.