Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"

Come and have a taste of the past!

In the historic city center of Medemblik, you will find the bakery museum "The Old Bakery". With the scent of freshly baked cake, you can literally taste the atmosphere of the past. Bakers demonstrate all aspects of the craft, while children can practice old baker techniques any day and any time. A feast of memories for the parents, a feast of delights for the kids!


Cake, marzipan, chocolate, and other baking demonstrations are held daily. Discover techniques found almost nowhere else in the Netherlands. Your mouth will no doubt start to water during your trip, which is why for thirty years we have been proudly holding the title of “most delicious museum in the Netherlands”! You are most welcome...
Elected to most amusing children and family museum of the Netherlands in 2012, 2013, and 2014!

Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"

Entrance fee rates:

Adults €7,00
Children ages 3-12 €5,00
Children ages 0-2 free of charge
Museum map* free of charge

*not valid in combination with group rates/arrangements/workshops

Contact details

Nieuwstraat 8
1671 BD Medemblik
Tel. 0227-545014

Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"
Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"
Bakery Museum "The Old Bakery"