1. Pets allowed
  2. Walking along the IJsselmeer
  3. Close to the Vooroever recreation area

Go on a vacation with your dog

Nice! Being able to bring your pet with you during your vacation. A vacation with your dog is not always possible. However, pets are allowed in certain bungalows at EuroParcs IJsselmeer.

At least 1 pet is possible (for a fee), several pets are always on request. Your pet is only allowed to be in the ground floor in the bungalow.

The recreational area De Vooroever is on the other side of our park. Here, you and your pet can enjoy a wonderful time! You can walk from the park along the IJsselmeer, up to 7 km!

Attention: A vacation with your dog is not possible in every bungalow.
If you indicate in advance that a pet is coming along, we can assign you a suitable bungalow.

Holiday Resort in North Holland with your dog

When you and your dog are staying at this holiday resort, there is plenty to do for both you and your four-legged friend. On the other side of the resort, you will find recreational area the Vooroever. This area is wonderful to stay in! It consists of green meadows, trees and shrubs, and even a sandy beach, where you can walk and cycle with your pet. Dogs are always welcome provided they are on a leash. Outside the breeding seasons, your dog can play and run in the free roaming areas along the Vooroever. At the holiday resort, all pets must wear a flea collar or must be treated for fleas. We kindly ask you to walk your dog outside the resort, and to keep your pet on a leash in the resort. EuroParcs IJsselmeer offers many facilities for unforgettable days in North Holland with your dog. Relax in the heated indoor pool, enjoy a bite to eat at the brasserie, or enjoy the sandy beach with a view over the IJsselmeer.

Please note: pets are not allowed in every bungalow. If you indicate in advance that your four-legged friend will come along, we can put you in a suitable bungalow. Experience a nice holiday with your dog in a holiday home in the Netherlands!

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