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Bungalows, Reservations & Costs

Are there any mandatory additional costs?

Yes, the following charges are always applied;

  • Park costs €1.70 per person, per night
  • Final cleaning €70.00 per accommodation
  • Bed linen €8.50 per person
  • Environmental tax €2.50 per reservation
  • Reservation costs €25.00 per reservation

Is a deposit charged for my stay too?

Yes, for all properties, we require a deposit of at least €100.00. This amount must be paid together with the rent.

You will receive the deposit back within ten days after departure if no damage is found.

The deposit can also be used for any additional cleaning or inconvenience caused.

For the refund of the deposit, you must provide your IBAN number before departure at the reception.

Can we also choose to do the final cleaning ourselves?

No, to ensure consistent quality, final cleaning is a mandatory purchase.

If I want to make a change to my reservation, will I pay a change fee?

Yes, if there are major changes or changes shortly before arrival, we may charge €35.00.

Is there free WiFi in the park?

Yes, all accommodations have free wireless internet. In our brasserie, you will have free access to the WiFi as well.

Are dogs allowed in the park, and what are the costs?

Yes, you can add the dog to the number of guests. The system will automatically search all bungalows where pets are allowed. Your dog must be on a leash throughout the park.

You will pay an additional fee of €5.00 per dog per night. A maximum of two dogs are allowed per bungalow.

Can I rent children's furniture, and what are the costs?

Yes, you can reserve a high chair and/or crib for €2.50 each per night.

You can also request a stair gate for €2.50 per night.

Can I book a preferred bungalow?

Yes, if you book online, after selecting the type and entering the number of guests, you can select a specific accommodation under extras. You will be shown the available accommodation per type.

You will pay €20.00 for the preference fee.

Can I also specify specific features, for example, a waterfront fence?

Yes, if you look in the Search & Book section, on the left, you will see all the features that you can check.

Are there accommodations for disabled people?

Yes, through the Search & Book section, on the left, you can select a bedroom on the first floor.

Where can I find the terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and park regulations?

You will find our terms and conditions below, which include the cancellation policy and also our other regulations;

Arrival and departure

What are the reception opening hours?

The opening hours of the reception can be found here.

What are the arrival and departure times?

  • On the day of arrival, you can check in between 03:00 PM and 05:00 PM
  • On the day of departure, you can check out between 09:00 AM and 10:00 AM
  • For a fee, you can also request a late check out on some days. The departure time will then be 01:00 PM

What do I do if I arrive late or leave early?

If you expect to arrive after 05:00 PM, please contact us in advance by calling our telephone number at +31(0)227-542345 or emailing kcc@europarcs.nl. You can do this during the opening hours of the reception.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay us by using;

  • Pin/Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Cash

How should we leave the bungalow on the day of departure?

We kindly ask you to follow the following steps before your departure.

  • Remove the beds and the comforters folded on the beds. Please leave the blue flannel on the beds. Bed linen can be left downstairs in the hall.
  • Place other rented items, such as bath towels and children's furniture under the stairs.
  • Empty the fridge and put it on setting No. 1; do not turn it off.
  • Leave the coffee maker and the oven/microwave empty and clean.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes, empty the dishwasher, and put the clean contents back in the cabinets.
  • Take garbage to the dumpsters, which are marked on the park map (you can separate garbage and glass).
  • Close windows and doors; please do not put the doors on the hinge.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Turn the thermostat to 15 degrees.
  • Leave the broom in the bungalow clean.
  • Return furniture to its original position.

If these steps are not performed, we will have to charge €15.00 per step not completed. Any extra costs for cleaning are calculated afterward.

Can I park a car at the bungalow?

Yes, one car is allowed at each property. If you have more than one car, the extra cars must be parked outside the park.

Parking a (boat)trailer on the lot is not allowed unless specifically negotiated and approved by the park manager.

What happens to lost and found items?

These will be kept at the front desk for three months if found. You can contact our reception if you have forgotten anything. Do this as soon as possible after your departure for cleaning and new arrivals, please.

Sailing & Fishing

Where can I launch my boat?

On the park;

  • On the park, you will find the trailer ramp next to bungalow 135

In the area;

Can I bring my own boat?

Yes, every accommodation has its own jetty of six meters. Please take into account the depth at the bungalow and the clearance height in Medemblik.

Clearance heights, bridges, and lock opening times

Click here for all information;

What is the depth of the water at the park?

The depth of the water at the accommodations is 80 cm to 1 meter.

Is fishing allowed at the accommodations?

Yes, you can fish from the jetty without a fishing license with a maximum of two fishing poles per person. Fish caught must be returned to the boat.

If you are fishing outside the park, a fishing license is required.

If you want to apply for a fishing license, you can do so at;

Tabakshop Dekker
Kaasmarkt 1
1671BH Medemblik
Tel; +31(0)227-547997
Or buy your fishing license online;

Find your nearest tackle store here;

What can be fished for?

You can fish for carp, bream and sander, among others.

You can also visit the following site for all your questions about fishing;

Brasserie & Rental options

Can we pick up food or make reservations for the Brasserie?

Yes, you will find the link to our cozy and welcoming Brasserie below.

Here, you will find all options regarding meals, snacks, the sandwich service, and the online shop.

Are bicycles, boats and other items for rent at the park?

Yes, you will find the link to all our rental options below;

Can we also order gourmet or barbecue?

  • Yes, below you will find our gourmet and barbecue packages.
  • Everything will be delivered to the bungalow on the date you specify and will be picked up the next day!
  • Services

Coronavirus & Other

Corona measures

For all matters concerning the coronavirus, please refer to the coronavirus page; COVID-19

Can we set off fireworks at the park?

No, EuroParcs IJsselmeer is a firework-free park, including on New Year.

Can I have a barbecue or use a bonfire pit at the accommodation?

  • The use of a barbecue at the accommodation is permitted, for the safety requirements and proper use of this equipment, please read the park regulations.
  • The use of a bonfire pit is not permitted, these conditions are also found in the aforementioned regulations.

What to do if there is an emergency or malfunction outside of reception hours?

Important phone numbers and addresses;

Emergency number: 112

Family Practice & Pharmacy: +31(0)227-542345

Compagniesingel 7 in Medemblik

Hospital & Pharmacy open 24 hours a day: +31(0)229-257257

Maelsonstraat 3 in Hoorn

Dental Practice in Medemblik: +31(0)227542121

Torenstraat 15b in Medemblik

Technical urgent breakdowns: +31(0)227-542345

For urgent technical issues while the reception desk is closed, please call this number. Please listen to the message all the way through to be connected to the administrator.

There is an AED at the entrance of the reception.