EuroParcs IJsselmeer (voormalig bungalowpark Zuiderzee)

December 23, 2023 - Winter steam at Steam Engine Museum

Around park

During the Christmas holidays, the Steam Engine Museum will be open and under steam from Saturday 23 December to Sunday 7 January, excluding Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. Walking into the museum, you can hear the steam engines puffing and feel the heat. Engine drivers and tour guides are happy to explain how the machines work and what steam meant. There is also plenty for children to see and experience at the museum.

Miniature steam engines

With miniature steam engines, you can make your own steam and discover what steam power does. A fun treasure hunt is waiting for you to explore the museum. If you help the stoker and blacksmith, you will receive a 'helper's diploma' and a 'blacksmith's diploma' as a reward.

Figure sawing and figure painting workshop

On Wednesday 3 January, Jaap Grim will demonstrate how to make the most beautiful Christmas creations with the fretsaw. Figure sawing used to be very popular and was practised by young and old alike. But with Jaap Grim, this hobby has grown into a true art.  Join the free workshop and paint a nice (Christmas) figure cut out of wood to take home.

Midwinter hornblowing

Wednesday 3 January, members of the midwinter horn group 'Van Hakken Komt Blazen' will revive at the museum the ancient tradition of midwinter horn blowing, originally intended to bring back the light in the dark winter months. The mystical sound of the midwinter horns can be heard from afar.