EuroParcs IJsselmeer (voormalig bungalowpark Zuiderzee)

February 25, 2024 - Lecture: 'How the West gained a technological edge over China through the steam engine advantage over China'

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After James Watt improved the steam engine in 1769 by attaching a condenser to it, industrialisation in the West gained momentum. Steam engines provided mechanical power that could be used anytime, anywhere. People were no longer dependent on wind and water power or muscle power of humans and animals. Crafts and small-scale workshops grew into large factories and machine production. Economic growth was the result. In Asia, technological development came much later. What was the cause of this? Clé Lesger, well-known author of books on socio-economic and demographic developments through the centuries in Amsterdam in particular, takes us on a fascinating journey through industrial history and explains how the West's lead over China and other continents came about.

The lecture will take place at the museum's Visitor Centre from 2pm to 4pm. Admission is €7.50 p.p. including 2 x coffee or tea, payable before the lecture begins. Members of the Association of Friends of the Steam Engine Museum and museum card holders pay € 2.50 p.p. Hall open from 13.30 hrs. Reservations are not required but are requested via 0227 544732.