EuroParcs IJsselmeer (voormalig bungalowpark Zuiderzee)

April 25, 2023 - Exhibition Surrounded by Castles - In West Friesland

Around park

Extensive research into castles

The reason for the exhibition Surrounded by Castles - In West Friesland is new insights gained from recent research. For example, amateur historian Ben Dijkhuis discovered a lot of new information about Radboud Castle in a 15th-century rebuilding document unearthed from the National Archives in The Hague. As part of a PhD study on castle building programmes of Count Floris V and his father Willem II commissioned by Tilburg University and Groningen University, geophysical research was carried out on the grounds of Radboud Castle in 2020. Geophysical research has also been carried out at other locations where castles stand or have stood. The results from all these studies have been incorporated into the exhibition "Surrounded by Castles - In West Friesland".


Museum admission from 13 years is €9 per person, children aged 5-12 years €6 per child, children 0-4 years free. Do you have a Museum Card or a Friends Lottery VIP card? If so, admission to the museum is also free. 

Radboud castle