Golf Course de Vlietlanden

Where other polder courses are often level and flat, this golf course has many height differences and various vegetation.
So, playing golf in North Holland can also be very challenging.

18 holes, no tee times, affiliated with the NGF

The golf course does not work with tee times, just come by and have some fun. The golf course is affiliated with the NGF. It is possible to walk a qualifying card and there is a family golf route on the first 9 holes. Everyone is welcome, also players without any golf experience or course permission, as long as they are accompanied by an experienced player.

Day pass
It is possible to book a day pass when you make your reservation.
Instead of €35.00 or €37.50 you will only pay €30.00.

If you are a competitive player and staying at Bungalow Park Zuiderzee you can also make use of a very appealing midweek or weekend golf package. Make your reservations directly at Golf Course De Vlietlanden.

Day Pass Golf Course de Vlietlanden

  • public golf course
  • 18 holes par 60 course
  • open all year round
  • not working with tee times, just come by
  • but do check opening times and/or possible events here
  • only valid after after showing the voucher issued by Bungalow Park Zuiderzee.
Golf Course de Vlietlanden


No experience with golf at all, but you still want to enjoy an active day trip? Play some "FlingGolf"!

Flinggolf is played on golf courses, at the same time as traditional golf. Instead of hitting a ball with a golf club, you fling (throw) the ball away with the patented FlingStick®. A natural movement, you only use 1 stick and enjoy nature and the course! But the best thing is that everyone can play this after a very short introduction.

Map Golf Course
Golf course
Around park: 2km

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