Sailing around Medemblik

Facilities overview Boat and Canoe rental A fun day out with your family, company or friends? At Bungalow Park Zuiderzee, you can rent a boat to sail around Medemblik and its surroundings. You can choose from two types of boats; a motor boat or a sloop. When renting a boat with us, you will receive a sailing map of the area This way you can quickly and easily reach the most beautiful locations.

Opening hours boat rental

Morning 09:00 13:00
Afternoon 13:00 17:00
Whole day 09:00 17:00

Our boat rental closes at 17:00 (5PM). Boats are fully tanked.

For more information and bookings, please call 0227-542345 for our front desk, or send an e-mail to .

Extra boat information

Would you like to bring your own boat? Then keep the following in mind:

  • Docks at the bungalow are standard 6 meters long
  • Maximum depth varies, but is on average 75–100 cm depth
  • Clearance height from the park to the IJsselmeer (only for guests with their own boat!) 1.40 meters


Here you will find our general terms and conditions for vessels

Here you will find our general terms and conditions for vessels
Private risk Vessels

Book your boat, canoe, and more right here!

Boat rentals for visitors from outside the resort are available upon request.


The sloop is a little more spacious and can take eight adults. The sloop offers more comfort thanks to the included cushions, and is easily piloted using a steering wheel. We have two sloops available for rent.

Entire day €120
Half day €65 (four hours)

We charge a deposit of €100 for this boat. To be paid in cash.

Request availability


Motorboat rental

The motor boat is a 6-person boat and ideal for day trips or to go fishing.
The motorboats will be available again around May.

All day € 80.00
Half day € 45.00 (4 hours)

We charge a € 50.00 deposit for this boat. Pay in cash


Koggevaarder boat tours

If you do not feel like sailing yourself, and you would rather go on a boat tour on the water? Board the KoggevaarderAs of June 1, this is possible again, only at 1/3 of normal capacity due to the 1.5 meter distance limitation. This means 6 or 7 people.  

1 hour € 60 per boat, 1.5 hours € 90 and 2 hours € 120 .

The guidelines of the RIVM apply, which mean that you will be asked if you have symptoms and to disinfect your hands prior to boarding. Before departure, the benches and handles will be cleaned. The captain appoints the seats.

Request at Koggevaarder Rondvaarten

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