Sailing around Medemblik

Sailing on the waters around Medemblik
A fun day out with the family, company or relatives? At EuroParcs IJsselmeer, you can hire various vessels to sail around Medemblik and the surrounding area. We rent sloops, motorboats and SUP boards.

Please note: our boats are not suitable for and not allowed on the IJsselmeer, but of course they are allowed on the beautiful sailing and fishing waters around the park. When picking up your boat, we will give you a boating & fishing map of the area where you are allowed to sail with our boats. This allows you to reach the most beautiful spots quickly and easily.



Happy Boats IJsselmeer

Extra boat information

Would you like to bring your own boat? Then keep the following in mind:

  • Docks at the bungalow are standard 6 meters long
  • Maximum depth varies, but is on average 75–100 cm depth
  • Clearance height from the park to the IJsselmeer (only for guests with their own boat!) 1.40 meters


Here you will find our general terms and conditions for vessels

Private risk Vessels

Sup hire

Boat and canoe rental
Boat and canoe rental