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1 and 2 October at the Zuiderzee Museum

As part of History Month, Zuiderzee in Pictures | Films and Stories is coming to the Zuiderzee Museum on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October. Watch several films in the Outdoor Museum, including 'Terra Nova' with the legendary words "Hear, hear, the dike is closed!". Discover what inspiration the Zuiderzee was for Dutch film makers such as Gerard Rutten, Otto van Neijenhoff, Joris Ivens and Bert Haanstra, even after it was closed. In the Outdoor Museum on the shores of the former Zuiderzee, enjoy all these films, and more!

The Netherlands is known for its eternal battle with water. The 1916 flood disaster was the immediate reason for the construction of the Afsluitdijk. It was the largest human intervention on water ever. The best Dutch film makers were captivated and at the same time the first Dutch sound films were released. Consequently, the very first spoken words in a Dutch-language film were "Hoor, hoor, de dijk is dicht!". The constantly changing Zuiderzee region remained a rich source of inspiration for films such as 'En de zee was niet meer' (1955), 'Een nieuw dorp, op nieuw land' (1960), 'Wadden boven water' (1988), 'De Nieuwe Wildernis' (2013) and 'The Silence of the Tides' (2020).

About Zuiderzee in pictures

Zuiderzee in Pictures | Films and stories is a project of the Dutch Cultural and Heritage Initiatives Foundation (NCEI), based on an idea by historian and geographer Willem van der Ham. It is a touring audiovisual presentation that tells the extraordinary story of the transition from the old Zuiderzee to the new IJsselmeer. In the autumn, Zuiderzee in Pictures will also visit other locations. Watching the films and stories is free for visitors to the Zuiderzee Museum.

Month of History

October is History Month, the largest history event in the Netherlands. For a whole month, the Month of History, in cooperation with hundreds of museums, libraries, bookshops, archives and other cultural organisations, brings history to the attention of millions of Dutch people. This year's annual theme is What a disaster!

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About the Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum collects and manages heritage from the former Zuiderzee region. It tells the story of the Zuiderzee, connecting the present with the past in an accessible way for a diverse public. Young and old wander back in time a hundred years and come into contact with Zuiderzee culture. In the permanent exhibition Sea of Stories, visitors dive into the stories of life at the former Zuiderzee. The Museum also brings the cultural-historical collection together with contemporary art, design and design in a surprising way. Visit for an overview of all exhibitions.

In 2021, the museum received the silver award for the most enjoyable outing of North Holland from the ANWB. Lonely Planet has included the Zuiderzee Museum as a 'Top choice' in its international travel guide Best in travel 2022. Museumkids again awarded the Zuiderzee Museum the 'Kidsproof' predicate for 2022.