Around park

This year, Medemblik's Golden Night focuses on the theme 1572: the birth of the Netherlands. Together with forty other municipalities, in 2022 we will commemorate 450 years since the Netherlands revolted against Spanish rule. Each city played its own role in this.

During the Golden Night, storytellers, guides, musicians and actors will take visitors through the night of Medemblik's birth. 

Enjoy the storytelling performance Het grote dilemma van Medemblik, an exciting experience for young and old along beautifully lit monumental locations in Medemblik. Ride along in army trucks, visit the various locations for music and stories and much more! 

Will you come too? 

Put together your own unique programme and, if you like, use the army trucks to get from location to location. Activities will take place in Medemblik, Wognum, Twisk, Midwoud and Lambertschaag. Reservations are required.

The golden night