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Vive le Gueux: the Beggars are coming!

‘1572: The Siege of Medemblik’
At the exhibition ‘1572: The Siege of Medemblik’, you will travel 450 years back in time to the early stages of the Eighty Years' War. You will put yourself in the shoes of the protagonists and face the same dilemmas they did. Which choices will you make? This exhibition ties in with the national theme year ‘Birth of the Netherlands’. Children with sufficient imagination will learn about Gerrie the lion dragon in the Waecthoorn. Gerrie explains what a siege actually is in a playful manner.

Reservations and Prices
Vive les Gueux takes place both inside and outside. Outside is free admission, inside is included with the museum visit. Admission is €8.50 from 13 years old, €5.50 up to 12 years old. Admission is free for children under 4 and Museumkaart holders. More information and booking at

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