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Saint Nicolas in Medemblik!

Saint Nicolas and all his Petes will arrive in Medemblik on Saturday, November 16th this year!

It's going to be a wonderful lit up night again! The program starts at 16:15 and, as anticipated, the package boat will enter the Medemblik port at 17:00.

Make sure you're there! Don't forget to take your light or lantern with you!

Saint Nicolas arrangement

The big Saint Nicolas party

If you're older than 5 and want to be there for the great Saint Nicolas party on Radboud castle, then quickly go to the FunFestijn or the Bakkerijmuseum. Tickets for the party cost €2.50 and go on sale on November 2nd. Make sure you get them quickly because once they're gone, they're gone! The ticket is a convenient access bracelet that includes the phone number of one of your parents! Parents can't come inside, but they can visit the castle's tavern during the wait.

Saint Nicolas