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Pieten Express

When the Good Saint is back in the country, the Pieten Express takes you on an Exciting Time Trip. Get in and join us!

Every Saturday and Sunday from 13 November until Sunday 4 December.

The locomotive whistles and sets the Pieten Express in motion. Meanwhile, the boat departs from Enkhuizen. On the way in the tram or the boat, the children are entertained by the Pieten. Songs are sung and of course the pepernoten cannot be missed! On to Medemblik station! The Third Class waiting room is completely converted into the study of none other than Sinterklaas. He will welcome you here for a photo opportunity.

There are three travel options with Pieten Express:

- Pieten Express Boat & Steam Tram From Enkhuizen via Medemblik to Hoorn*

- Pieten Express Steam Tram & Boat From Hoorn via Medemblik to Enkhuizen*

- Pieten Express return steam tram From Hoorn to Medemblik and return

* A short one-way train journey from Hoorn to Enkhuizen or v.v. completes this day trip. Steam tram, boat and NS train are a short walk from each other in Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen.

On the Pieten Express steam tram, Pietenbar 501 rides along. Catering can be ordered for your time-trip via the ticket link.