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Night of the Night

Orion Public Observatory is open to the public on Saturday 26 October. On this date, the 15th Night of the Night takes place throughout the Netherlands.

During this Night of the Night, which is organized in hundreds of places in the Netherlands, the beauty of real darkness is emphasized. The Night of the Night is an annual event on the last Saturday in October when the clock goes back an hour (see www.nachtvandenacht.nl).

People's observatory Orion (on the 1st floor in the Streekbos Paviljoen) on the Veilingweg 21B in Bovenkarspel is of course also participating in this. After all, we all want to look at stars and we are lucky, because Orion Public Observatory is located in a beautiful dark area.


On Saturday evening, 26 October, the starry sky will be the center of attention. In the observatory you will be taken on an exciting journey through the universe and you will be shown the starry sky through different eyes.

The film Losing the dark is screened a number of times in the planetarium space. And through a beautiful presentation we show you unique images of our solar system with its planets, beautiful nebulae and galaxies.

From the observatory we will be observing the starry sky with the large telescopes; among other things we can look at the planet Saturn with its rings and the planet Jupiter with its cloud bands. There will also be various nebulae and star clusters.


In the exhibition space you can see everything about astronomy, current events in space travel and geology (ao a nice collection of real meteorites and parts of dinosaurs).

Various physical experiments are also done; explanation is given about the refraction of light, static electricity and magnetism.

Finally, one can look through microscopes and make an interactive trip through the universe via the large touchscreen.

Volunteers from Orion are present to provide explanations and information.


Orion Public Observatory is open from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission is free and there is no need to register in advance.

More info on: www.volks Sterrenwachtorion.nl or via 0648850445

This info has been translated via google translate

Night of the Night