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Grave Carpet Theme Weekend at Radboud Castle

Grave Carpet Theme Weekend at Radboud Castle

Experience the Middle Ages! At Radboud Castle, the weekend of 20 and 21 August will be all about the County Carpet.

During the Tapestry of the Counts theme weekend, you will be introduced to medieval arts and textile processing. Marius Bruijn can be found in his art and drawing studio and the ladies of Mana Occupatae (Busy Hands) show how textiles were processed in those days. All in a medieval atmosphere, of course, with the County Carpet of Radboud Castle at the centre.

The Burial Carpet of Radboud Castle

In the Middle Ages, it was important to show what family you belonged to. For this purpose, there is the succession series, in which you show from your earliest ancestor which important people you descend from. This is usually done via a tapestry.

Medieval expert Marius Bruijn has made a design for the Count's Tapestry for Radboud Castle, a tapestry with the series of successions of Count Floris V. This is now being embroidered by a group of volunteers using traditional methods.

Prices and reservations

The Gravent Carpet Theme Weekend takes place both inside and outside. The outside activities are freely accessible, to look inside you need a museum ticket.

Museum admission fees: Adults €8.50 per person, children from 5 to 12 years €5.50 per child. Children up to 4 years old are free, as are holders of the Museumkaart. If you want to be sure of a time slot, we recommend you order your tickets online in advance.

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