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Dickens Express

The gas lanterns at Hoorn tram station are lit. Steam from the locomotive makes the carriages wonderfully warm. An atmospheric Time Trip by steam tram to Dickens Day in Medemblik is about to depart.

At the end of the afternoon, we drive from Hoorn to Medemblik in just over an hour. At the Christmas market in the historic centre of Medemblik, over 150 extras, musicians and choir members walk around in Dickensian style. Naturally, you will encounter the characters from Charles Dickens' stories, including the grumpy Scrooge, Oliver Twist and the rascals of Fagin.

Don't forget to visit the atmospheric Dickens Art & Christmas Fair in the Bonifacius Church in Medemblik!

Upon arrival, you will of course receive a map of the activities in Medemblik and a voucher for a cheap dinner in town. More information on the Dickens Day can be found here.

After your visit to Medemblik, the steam tram will take you back to Hoorn in the middle of the evening.

Outward journey from Hoorn station towards Medemblik: 16.30 hrs.

Return trip from Medemblik station towards Hoorn: 21.00 hrs.



Dickens Express
Dickens Express