Around park

On Saturday 1 October, it will be spooky fun again in Fairytale Wonderland. All witches and trolls will gather this day to make it a spooky and fun day, together with the visitors.

 Upon entering, you will be welcomed by a cheerful witch. She has a gift voucher for a nice surprise for every child who comes dressed up*. Upon returning the voucher, you can pick up this surprise from 12:00 at the cabin of the trolls.

 In the park, the witches will entertain you with jokes and pranks. Miss Cotton Candy will also be there, selling sugared spider web on a stick. Show how well you can handle a witch's broom on the Witch's broom agility course. If you have sufficient control of your broom, you will receive a real Witch's Broom Agility Diploma!

 At 16:30, all witches will gather on the entrance square to celebrate the great Witch Final together with all attendees. For the very best witch, wizard or troll, they will have a great prize!