City Brewery Radboud in Medemblik

Long ago, in the thirteenth century to be precise, beer was already brewed in the North Holland town of Medemblik. Almost in the exact spot as where beer brewery Het Anker was founded in 1590, beer is brewed again in the present: Radboud beer! Brewed, tapped and bottled in Medemblik. At City Brewery Radboud, you can sample beer, enjoy some drinks or attend a cooking workshop.

City Brewery Radboud brews various kinds of delicious beer: blonde, double, triple, pale ale and every now and then a special. Brewing the beer takes place under the supervision of brewer Jelle Aaij. Using grains, water and herbs, he conjures up all kinds of tapped delicacies. When having a drink at the brewery, you'll be right between the enormous, shiny brew kettles. The beer is literally made in front of you.

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Gedempt Achterom 4
1671 AG Medemblik