For a piece of old Dutch culture, make sure to explore Medemblik. Old houses, narrow streets and picturesque facades will transport you back in time for little while. In case you can't get enough of it, pay a visit to Floris the Fifth's castle 'Radboud' with its impressive knights' hall and towers. Make sure not to miss the beautiful museums and monuments either, including the late Gothic church 'De Bonifatius' with its stunning stained glass windows, painted pillars and a unique Pieter Backer organ dating from 1671.

After a day of enjoying the culture, you can eat your fill at one of the many restaurants. How about some authentic French cuisine or the delicious, traditional Dutch seafood restaurants? You'll wish you didn't have to choose...


Medemblik is the smallest and oldest town in West Frisia. Its first harbor, Oude Haven, was dug behind the sea dike which stretches out from east to west. It brought many people since there were many opportunities for trade.

The Oosterhaven was constructed in 1589 and serves an important function to Medemblik up to this day.

In 1811, Napoleon made plans to turn Medemblik into a military harbor, but these were never realized. The Navy's training center did remain in Medemblik until 1850, however. At this day, it is still called Landswerf. After construction of the North Holland Channel, a fishing fleet remained. After this fleet had moved out about 30 years ago too, the fish market disappeared as well.


Medemblik is de kleinste en oudste stad van Westfriesland. De eerste haven, Oude Haven, werd achter de oost-westwaarts lopende zeedijk gegraven. Vele mensen kwamen hierheen, omdat er veel handel te drijven was.

De Oosterhaven is in 1589 aangelegd en heeft tot op heden een belangrijke functie voor Medemblik.

Napoleon had in 1811 het plan om Medemblik als oorlogshaven aan te wijzen, maar dit werd niet gerealiseerd. Het opleidingsinstituut voor de marine bleef wel tot 1850 in Medemblik. Dit het momenteel nog altijd Landswerf. De aanleg van het Noordhollands Kanaal bleef er uiteindelijk een vissersvloot over. Nadat deze ook verdween is, een 30 jaar geleden, de visafslag opgeheven.

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