De Bijenstal in Opperdoes

De Bijenstal on track!

Go on a trip through the land of bees and trains, with silent boat rental and many options for arrangements. As much as 4000 meters of rails, 75 switches and several kilometers of cabling. In Opperdoes at De Bijenstal, you'll get to experience Europe by 'track'.

The model track features many new locomotives, ones powered by steam, electricity as well as diesel. The landscape was built against a beautiful backdrop of West Frisian highlights and an Alpine landscape. Even the winter sports are represented with their vacationing and yodeling people. It's extra atmospheric if you come have a look at night... You and your children will learn all about the specific trains: how they work and what sounds they make. Of course, it's not only about the trains.

A fun and educational journey through bee country is also an option. You'll get to observe the bees safely behind glass while the beekeeper will tell you everything about them. A surprising outing that will allow you to choose various arrangements to experience along with your family or friends. You can either book them yourself or have them organized by De Bijenstal. Come pay us a visit!

Contact details:

Apiary De Bijenstal
Oosteinde 41 (Zwarte pad entrance apiary) –
Tel.: 0227 – 540116

De Bijenstal in Opperdoes
Around park: 2km

More In de omgeving and Attracties

Water sports

There are many water sports for the active vacationer to engage in. At less than 200 m from Bungalow Park Zuiderzee, water sports enthusiasts gather to Medemblik from all over the world.

Sailing, surfing and much more... everything's possible!


Feel the freedom on the water... Will you choose a sailing boat or one with a motor?

Don't have your own boat? You can rent one from us in order to sail around Medemblik and its area. You can choose from three types of boat: a silent boat, a motorboat and a sloop.

Sailing in West Frisia The sailing route network of West Frisia makes the region very attractive. Water is inextricably linked to the region... Of course, this is owed to its perfect location at Lake IJssel and Lake Marken, the countless watercourses and, let's not forget, its VOC (Dutch United East India Company) history.

The polders 'De Vier Noorder-Koggen' and 'Het Grootslag' feature sailing routes that have been marked using a hub system.

Kite surfing spot

Just like other spots around Lake IJssel, Medemblik is a great place to take some kite surfing lessons. It's a long coastline where the water is quite shallow in many places.

When it comes to space on shore it may take some compromise, but there's plenty to make up for it for any kite surfer. There's a wonderfully flat stretch of water, sheltered by a round dike in the water, perfect for freestyle enthusiasts.

Reason enough for a kite surfing school to use this location to inspire enthusiasm for our beloved sport.

Flat and shallow water, few waves and little current. Great for beginners.

Wind: N, NO and O

Sup school

Discover Medemblik from the water by supping! Are you ready for the supboard challenge? With guidance, you can learn how to sup at sup school Enkhuizen - Medembik. They offer various supping lessons. You can also rent a board yourself to get out there.

There is no better way to discover Medemblik than with a supboard on the water. Bungalow Park Zuiderzee is an excellent starting point! The lesson and rental location is at Beach Pavillion De Zoete Zee, within walking distance from our bungalow park. 

More information? Please visit the website of sup school Enkhuizen - Medemblik.